Anonymous FTP Sites List (2003-11-02)

This document contains a list of currently known anonymous FTP sites. It is updated roughly on a monthly basis. The newest version is located at /. This FTP sites list can be distributed freely as long as the above mentioned link (or just the URL depending on the format) remains included. The data needed to build this FTP sites list has been obtained from the file search engine The list is far from complete.

FTP Site Locations
World Map of Known Public FTP Sites who also provided a pdf version)

Version: 2003-11-02

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Anonymous FTP Sites Overall Summary

Summary Per Domain

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DomainNumber of FTP sitesNumber of filesTotal size
ac276,62310.89 GB
ai1352212.59 MB
ar2168,00225.34 GB
at33746,963278.30 GB
au812,001,058981.99 GB
be304,854,8921.82 TB
bg3393473.37 MB
br261,649,441334.31 GB
by213,4873.40 GB
ca861,211,927460.48 GB
cc35,2584.53 GB
ch36721,805527.48 GB
cl9844,790344.08 GB
cn8457,039130.84 GB
com1,1627,746,7074.99 TB
cr1361,35263.22 GB
cx11,262370.94 MB
cz404,138,5851.92 TB
de44329,896,22213.19 TB
dk341,169,100498.28 GB
edu43918,166,9126.33 TB
ee1341,252,886579.85 GB
es334,101,7031.90 TB
fi22541,568126.67 GB
fr1358,155,1802.80 TB
ge15973.59 MB
gov42745,050272.23 GB
gr103,696,8711.16 TB
hk61,303,833442.74 GB
hr4619,673219.26 GB
hu261,273,061687.23 GB
id1131,31333.18 GB
ie105,324,1191.77 TB
il5339,563136.22 GB
in136,9269.36 GB
info211170.93 MB
int18135.68 MB
is112,577,360912.86 GB
it534,275,2411.81 TB
jp8513,961,1273.55 TB
kg13,23612.77 GB
kr51,123,866399.07 GB
kz51,63714.26 GB
lt672,86138.87 GB
lu13976.13 KB
lv555,67234.41 GB
mil6215,512188.55 GB
mx1104,0536.14 GB
my128,06417.65 GB
net33519,749,3517.70 TB
ni13364.70 GB
nl1059,417,8023.30 TB
no461,789,723547.07 GB
nu62,005692.67 MB
nz13552,882243.39 GB
org55762,939,46918.34 TB
pl11215,389,0225.57 TB
pt155,005,9611.34 TB
ro7601,812244.41 GB
ru8786,549,3171.92 TB
sa1582,413205.92 GB
se702,786,0141.07 TB
sg5377,113100.05 GB
si1459,872195.66 GB
sk91,085,727478.93 GB
su28394,335156.79 GB
th17691,964497.31 GB
tk18632.16 GB
tr6538,323343.45 GB
tv1112.37 MB
tw293,412,1642.72 TB
ua69644,749143.30 GB
uk2111,857,399902.76 GB
us252,74814.29 GB
ve137,59815.92 GB
ws26331.60 GB
yu2258503.86 MB
za8405,145165.15 GB

Top 20 Of Anonymous FTP Sites With Most Files

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SiteNumber of files Total file size 3,544,263 1.69 TB 3,527,635 1.67 TB 3,255,949 924.57 GB 2,775,630 2.33 TB 2,570,430 886.73 GB 2,565,731 1.10 TB 2,492,429 848.58 GB 2,471,007 894.94 GB 2,458,485 713.28 GB 2,351,994 924.37 GB 2,339,290 1000.26 GB 2,291,942 705.39 GB 2,267,934 645.16 GB 2,192,106 943.63 GB 2,112,017 748.59 GB 2,081,328 685.59 GB 2,019,592 1.03 TB 1,966,283 502.80 GB 1,963,407 474.40 GB 1,859,494 514.56 GB

Top 20 Of Largest Anonymous FTP Sites

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SiteNumber of files Total file size 2,775,630 2.33 TB 3,544,263 1.69 TB 3,527,635 1.67 TB 2,565,731 1.10 TB 2,019,592 1.03 TB 2,339,290 1000.26 GB 2,192,106 943.63 GB 3,255,949 924.57 GB 2,351,994 924.37 GB 2,471,007 894.94 GB 2,570,430 886.73 GB 2,492,429 848.58 GB 2,112,017 748.59 GB 2,458,485 713.28 GB 2,291,942 705.39 GB 2,081,328 685.59 GB 1,540,654 679.05 GB 2,267,934 645.16 GB 1,029,153 637.04 GB 1,267,824 619.88 GB

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